Monday, April 27, 2009

FOOTY MANIAC : Sevilla 2 - R. Madrid 4 (Marvellous Raul)

Couldn't stop smiling for the whole day. There's nothing better than staying-up late at nite to watch ur fav team win the match n then u wake-up in the morning with great spirit to start ur Monday. (Ye saye tahu keje saye skang ni xde yg stress nye, tp klo aku keje tmpt yg penoh stress pn aku akan tetap gembire satu hari ;) .... )

So back to last nite match, Real were left behind when Sevilla take the lead before Raul equalised just after the break and then scored two more in 3 minutes before Marcelo killed-off the game in injury time with a cool finish to give RM 4-2 victory over the Andalucian outfit. That victory is the 17th out of 19 league games under Juande Ramos which seems a very good run after all.

Well, what made me very very happy with the win is that :
1) Playing in Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan (Sevilla homeground) is never an easy task for any visiting team and we manage to score 4 goals. Quite impressive eh??

2) We played without key defender Pepe ( thanx a lot lad! you got 10-match ban for your 3 seconds of madness 2 weeks ago!!!) and wing wizard Arjen Robben who's still not recovered from his injury. That's why I was not really convince that we can win the game.

3) RM hero, Raul'd never scored in Sanchez Pizjuan for the past 10 seasons and suddenly he bagged a hat-trick last nite. and for the record, Raul'd only netted a hat-trick only 2 times throughout his career with RM so last nite was his 3rd.

4) and most important thing of all is that we are now only 4 points behind league leader Barca after they drew with Valencia 2-2 on Saturday.

So next week El Classico will be the most important match of the season for RM and if we win , the gap between us n barca will only left 1 point. Can't wait for it. Woooot Wooot.... (tiru gaye annoying Dirah)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

FOOTY MANIAC: Real Madrid 4 life...!!

Oh oh....tido kol 7 bangun kol 9...perfect!! thanx kepade matahari yg 2-3 hari ni sebok mencapub. Tak reti2 nak low profile sket. Bgn2 teros ngadap blog, btol aku dah addict ni. Biasa la budak2 baru nak naik. 2-3 tahun berkarat la blog ni. Lantak aku la blog aku pon. Pedulik ape aku nak buat 10 entries sehari ke satu entry setahun ke.

yes...1st entry for Footy Maniac section. Ok for the start, I'm a big fan Spanish football/ Spanish La Liga. I know most M'sians are more into Barclays Premier League but there's somethin bout La Liga that really grab my attn. I don't know what but maybe it's because the rivalry between clubs are stronger due to their political issues, or the history of the club itself. The match between Barcelona n Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao n Real Madrid, Barcelona n Espanyol, Sevilla n Real Madrid or Athletico Madrid n Real Madrid, is somethin that u should watch - the vibe of the stadium and the intensity of the match is really extraordinary.

N back to Real Madrid, the club I supported since the day they lifted the Champions League trophy for the ninth time in 2002. It was Zidane's spectacular 20-yard volley and the brilliance of goalkeeper Iker Casillas to deny Bayer Leverkusen from getting last minute equaliser that had made me fall in love with this club. There're so many top class player in the squad at that time - Hierro, Makelele, Figo, Roberto Carlos and Raul which make a winning team.

But I know, that was 7 years ago and I realize where my club is standing rite now. I know what's the problem n it all go back to the policy of the elected President of Real Madrid. As every body know the former President Florentino Perez is the one who built the so-called Galacticos Empire and he's also the one who ruined it all. The fall of Los Merengues started when the president himself sacked the then manager Vicente Del Bosque (now heading Spain national team for World Cup 2010 conquest) the night we won the Champs League in 2002. I regard Del Bosque as one the succesful manager in RM history ( 2 domestic league titles n 2 CL trophies over 4 years period) and yet shockingly the RM hierarchy decided not to renew his contract.

Many believe it also due to the rift between him and the president where the RM hierarchy had more power over transfer policy, team selection and other aspects of the club that minimalised the level of control Del Bosque had during his time as manager. Since the day he departed the club, 7 trophiless managers had come and go for the past 4 years until the team won back La Liga title under coach Fabio Capello (who was also sacked afterwards!!)

The BBC article states: "It is a strange tale from start to finish - how the shy, mustachioed man from Salamanca came to be in charge of the most expensive and talented bunch of footballers in the modern game, won the biggest trophies on offer and then got the boot in favour of a man yet to be named. With the Real superstars, Del Bosque was extremely popular - partly because he was happier to let them get on with it. Cool as a cryogenically-frozen cucumber, he managed to avoid confrontations with his charges, despite the stellar egos in the squad, and never once lost his calm in front of the media."

N now after 3 years, leaving the helm, he's expected to be back leading the race for RM precidency poll next June. And for those who truly love the club, expect the worse in the future. RM is heading towards gloomy days unless the president hire the best manager in the world, who''ll be given total control of the club. There's no use signing world-class players like Kaka or Ronaldo if this internal problem can't be solved once and for all......

Hala Madrid!!

STORY OF THE DAY: The Great Killer Whale

Oh sudah hampir2 terlelap tp di Animal Planet ade cite psl killer whale - my fav animal. Ye, ikan ni sgt kiut, kalo lah aku bley bela dlm akuarium (pale bapak ko!)

Have u guys ever watch how these mammals feed themself?? Yup it's brutal but brilliant actually. They'll swim around the foreshore and try to spy any sea lion on the seashore and when found one and the time's right, with full speed they'll drag themself up to the beach and grab those hapless sea lions with their mouth and drag 'em back into the sea. But hey, party's not over yet coz they won't eat their prey immediately. They'll throw em high up above the sea over and over again or if the killer whale came with groups, they'll play tennis with the prey as their tennis ball. They'll only have their meal after they get tired.

I started to fall in love with this knight of the sea (my own terms ;p) when I first watched Free Willy. and then during my secondary school I used to read the comic entitled Pendekar Laut. In the comic there's a character called Orga (other name for the killer whale is Orca FYI) . Die adalah konco2 Sindiket Blue Dream dimana dia adalah anak murid kepada Blue Dream sendiri dan jugak Jerung Raksaksa. Dia ade kuase max 999,000 hp. Die mati psl bagi jantung die kat Zonan. pastu dia......

Bob, ko dah terlalu mengarut. Silakan tidor...

Oh , ok...

MALAYSIA ACCORDING TO ME: If you don't know anything bout marketing, shut-up and let the expert do the talking!!

Ah.. shit cube utk tidor tp ini hasil die...thanks nescafe sbb buat aku xleh tido...dan thanx utk diri sendiri kerana bengap layan nescafe sblm tido.....ape aku nk merepek ni...

Oh watching the Making of Bohsia rite now n still cant stop myself from laughing. No, it's not the movie that funny, it's how they promote the movie. You see, in the making the director (Datuk Yusof Haslam's son - Syamsul) promote the movie by saying "Tujuan saya membuat filem ni adalah utk menghiburkan disamping mendidik masyarakat tentang gejala bohsia..." . Well, that's the worst marketing campaign for a movie I've ever heard in my life.

First, using the word 'educate' is the greatest sin for filmmakers. Because in movie industry, there's no such thing as educating. If they wanted to educate, don't make a movie, build a college instead because movie is only a medium to deliver messages to the people and there's a big difference between educating and delivering messages. There're some movies that can actually educate the people such as Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11, Zero and Inconvinient Truth (although these movies are considered as documentary film). These movies are trying to tell the people what's happening around them that they didn't even know before and how to overcome the problems. So can you tell me any Malaysian who don't know anything about Bohsia or Mat Rempit? Everybody know Bohsia is a whore and Mat Rempit is a brainless S.O.B. And can you tell me if we don't know how to deal with them? Yes, put them in jail and let them to rot.

Second, if u are trying to educate those spoiled brat, just forget it. They're now addicted to what they're doing so telling them that it's not good for them is just as useless as telling the smokers that smoking is bad for health. Believe me, the only thing that they'll think when they watch the movie is like "Kalo la aku dapat cia muke cam Diana Danielle ni, pehh x klua umah aku ari2 beb", or "Peh, die punye kona baring sebijik cam aku buat ari tu", or "Smart jugak sport rim die ni". Don't expect them to change to a better person when they step out from the cinema because they won't. Not in a million years.

So Mr. Syamsul, just be frank, u're actually not trying to educate but to exploit. Everybody know making movie in this kind of hard time is a big risk so u just want to use simple formula to ensure u can make profit - 'there're thousands or maybe millions mat rempit and bohsia in M'sia so we make movie bout them and they're certainly going to watch it. If they didn't have money to buy the ticket, nevermind, they know how to find it - steal other people's bike or rob some old women on the street. The film Remp-It managed to make millions by this formula so we can't make the same story. Ahhhh why not we make a movie bout bohsia? At least, the storyline isn't going to be the same with Remp-it but still there'll be some rempit scene in it.'

I'm sorry Mr. Syamsul, u can fool them and their parents, but not me.!!

So moral of the story is if u're not the marketing personel and u want to market ur product just be sincere. If u can't, just shut up n let the expert do the talking bcoz u don't know how to lie!!

Ahh akhirnye ngantuk jugak aku....thanx bohsia....

5 things you need to know bout me...( ep 1)

These are the list that best describe me. Some are good, some are bad....

  1. I'm the kind of person who loves to delay things or take it lightly- unless my life depend on it, I'll normally put on hold the things that need to be done immediately no matter how urgent it is. Eg: My bike road-tax had not been renewed since 2 years ago, I took my diploma certificate from my college 2 years after my graduation and many more. Aaa ade lagi. Bukak friendster lambat, bukak facebook lambat bukak blog ni lagi la lambat..dah bertahun teknologi ni ade baru la aku tergerak nak bukak....
  2. I can eat almost everything - there's no restriction on my diet/taste. You can put whatever food in front of me and I'll have no problem to finish it off.Ade org xleh mkn pedas, kicap,telur, seafood, ayam bla bla. Tp aku xde hal beb. Sumbat je la pape pon aku belasah je. Jgn ko bg babi sudah.
  3. I can't start my day without coffe/milk/Milo/soy milk - whenever I wake up early (not really early actually huhu) in the morning, the first thing I'll do is to make a cup of milk coffe or at least a cup of milk before I can have my heavy breakfast. Aku mmg x bley bangun2 tidor teros mentekedarah nasi lemak. Mmg cam palat rase perot nanti.
  4. I have a weird way to scratch my nose whenever it felt itchy - for those who have seen it, you know how weird it is. For those who haven't, treat me with food that contain shrimp paste (belacan) and you'll get the chance to see it. Ni masalah org resdung la ni.haha
  5. I love Laksa Penang so much. Really really much. Very very much - I just can't resist the temptation of getting a bowl of laksa. The mixture taste of fish, chillies, tamarind, lime, onion.....Ufffff... Anybody knows where to get the best laksa in Malaysia (apart from my mom's cook of course) ?

Actually I want to list down up to 10 things but I'm really sleepy rite now, so I will continue with another 5 things when I have the mood later on. So till then....

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi guys..

So this is it, my 1st entry for my new entry. It'll be all about what I love, what I hate, my passion, my citicism and almost everything that's happening in our life except politics. I never really interested in it so I never give a damn bout money politics, party hopping, some monkeys in the parliament or what-so-ever. If people around me trying to open conversation with politics issue, I'd normally keep my mouth shut or I'd try to change the topic.

So if you expect this blog will mainly about politics, be advised, you better get your a** out of my blog or else you will get bored.

In this blog, I will include several columns such as FOOTY MANIAC (all about football - transfer rumours, post-games analysis, trivia etc), MALAYSIA ACCORDING TO ME (my criticism on our society), STORY OF THE DAY (my diary) and EXIT MUSIC FOR A FILM (entertainment- music, movies, games) -which I will rotate for every entries depending on my mood.

So keep visiting, mate....