Saturday, November 21, 2009

FOOTY MANIAC: And Then, There Were 32......

So, this is it...France, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia (!!!) completed the 32 teams that will head to South Africa next June for the most coveted trophy in the world - The World Cup. The cup that had been lifted by so many footbal stars and legends, from Pele to Maradona, from Moore to Beckenbauer, from Zidane to Cannavaro. This is the tournament that will see thousands of people travelling thousands of miles from their homeland for the love of their countries and the beautiful game. This is the competition that will bring love and generate hate (remember Zidane vs Materazzi??). This is the season where every footy maniac will talk, eat and dream about football. For all the managers in Malaysia, come June, it's either you prepare to issue warning letters to your staff or just forgive them for turning- up late to work!!!.

So the team to beat are no other than the two best football national team (by FIFA ranking), the champion of Europe and South America, Spain and Brazil. Of course majority of us would want to watch the dream final between these two teams and I hope, for football sake, there would be no more like Greece - Portugal kinda final match (Euro 2004 final) where the team with anti-football mentality emerge as champion. Just pray for the final game to be the most memorable game of all time where it'll be talked about for centuries. Among the surprise packages to be in Africa are North Korea and Algeria. For those who don't have a clue about Algeria team, just think the likes of Zinadine Zidane and Karim Benzema, who were born in that country before moving to France and kicked-off their football carier there.

But there also some gloom for the upcoming WC with the absence of some football stars and most notably the likes of Ibrahimovic, Petr Cech and Arshavin as their respective countries fail to qualify. It's quite disappointing to see the team with so much promise like Russia will not be in next year's edition.

Well, whatever team you will support, I strongly believe Spain will be victorious. With the kind of form they showed in qualifying group and also in last edition of Euro, with all the world class footballers in their arsenal, with the free-flowing, sexy football they display, I dare to run naked in public if they failed to win...... No am just kidding...Cos in football, anything can happen rite?? Buatnye diorang kalah penalti time final.....??? Tak pon kalah pasal 3 orang kene red card??? Tak pon kalah mase injury time dan own goal??? Hoiii simpang malaikat 44...!!!

Ok, see you in South Africa soon...(ko ingat South Africa tu ape?? Kampung Pandan????)...

Dan sebagai cuci2 mate, terimalah - the best of Spain!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

EXIT MUSIC FOR A FILM: The Greatest Movie of All Time.

Yeah I'm back again after "a while". Susah betol idop takde internet connection nih. Nak update blog pon kene merempat rumah orang. But in a month time, my blog will be extremely active I promise you all.

Ok back to the entry, I must say I'm not really a movie freak- well you know the kind of person who will be the first to book movie ticket(s) whenever there's a new movie coming out at cinema, or the one who can spend the whole day for DVD marathon, or even the one who has an external hard disc specifically bought just to keep all of his downloaded movies. Saya seorang yang sangat memilih dan cerewet. Kalau aku pegi wayang nak tengok cite yang memang aku dah target gila babi nak tengok dan kalau cite tu dah fully booked, there's no such thing as plan B... Memang balik terus aa.

So what actually is the greatest movie of all time?? Well, it's a very subjective question as everyone will have their own answers. For those who love the romantic/ drama genre, they'll absolutely come out with the answer like Titanic, Gone With The Wind, Love Actually, Notting Hill or maybe 'Sembilu'. For those who prefer war/ political movies, they'll suggest the title like Saving Private Ryan, Ben Hur, Jacob the Liar, or possibly 'Rambo'. But for me, a great movie is the one that you still want to talk positively about it even years after the first time you watched it, or the movie that you can relate to yourself. So these are the 2 movies that I think really give great impact to the viewers:

Yeah from the title itself we can know that this is a satirical movie. Based from the novel written by Christopher Buckley and directed by Jason Reitman, this movie revolve around Nick Naylor, a talented speaker, debater and spinner who declares himself as the person with the toughest job in the world- a lobbyist for American tobacco companies where his main tasks were to deny the fact that cigarette caused deadly cancer, send subliminal messages to school kids to pick up smoking habit when they grew up, bribe a former model/ambassador for Marlboro (who was suffering from lung cancer due to smoking) from filing law suit against the tobacco giant, and even taking on a Senator to debate the issue of using bone and skull symbol on cigarette packs.

He also needs to explain to his young son that there's nothing wrong for what he's doing and even brought him along for some of his "business trips'. He, with his two other friends(also the lobbyists for alcohol and firearms industy) set up M.O.D Squad (Merchants of Death) where their modus operandi is just to hang out whenever they're free just to talk about who got the toughest job based on the number of casualties caused by their respective industries. His life started to take a turn when he fall in love with a journalist and the chain of tragedy that finally change his life forever.

For me, it's a very simple comedy movie that touch on a lot of issues that all started with one single topic - smoking culture in America. It covers the issues like capitalism, American education system, parenthood, dark sides of Hollywood, ethics of journalism and many more. This is the movie that I highly rated and would recommend to all smokers or non-smokers to watch it and trust me, you'll laugh your heart out and suddenly you'll ask yourself "Hey, am I laughing at myself??"

The most memorable moment -
During the scene when Nick was debating with the Senator and the Senator asked him "Would you allow your son to pick up smoking habit??" and he answered reluctantly , "Well, if he wanted to, I'd buy him his first cigarette pack on his 18th birthday"......

I am a big fan of Micheal Moore - the brave director who dares to critic whoever he thinks deserve to be criticized (not even The President of U.S spared from his criticism), the man who brings documentary film to the new level, the man who tell the thing as it is. After his success with Fahrenheit 911 and managed to tell the people what the war in Iraq is all about, he come up with another brilliant docu-film, and this time he takes on America health care system.

At the first place I thought the health care system in US is one of the best in the world but this movie has taken me by surprise when it tells otherwise. He showed the proof of how expensive medical bill in US can be and without insurance policy or enough cash, you'll not be entertained for medical attention no matter how emergency / crucial it is. He even showed a proof on how a hospital called a taxi to take a homeless patient who was seeking for medical treatment at the hospital and ordered the taxi driver to dump her anywhere far from the hospital - all because she didn't has a penny to pay for the medical cost. The insurance policy also didn't help either as the main objective of the company is not to cover for the people's medical cost but to maximise profit by getting as much policy buyer as they can and minimise the claims made by the policy holders.

He even make the comparison of the medical cost imposed by health care system in other countries like Canada, France, England and Cuba!!! And surprisingly he exposed how cheap the cost in those countries- they're all free!!!! He even took some of the former volunteers and security personnel during 911 tragedy who was suffering from various health problems due to exposure from the debris of the collapse WTC and who couldn't afford medical treatment in US, to Guantanamo Bay - the only area in US that offers free medical treatment , but had been denied entry due to the fact that it is a highly restricted area for public as the area used as a detainee center for suspected terrorists. He end-up brought all of them to Cuba,where they finally properly treated - all free of charges.

The most memorable moment -
When Micheal Moore interviewed one of the public hospital doctors in England and asked him how much the government pay him and whether he is driving old car or living in a low cost flat and the next scene shows the doctor actually drives brand new Audi, living in a nice, fully-furnished apartment equipped with 40" LCD TV and got paid around 100,000 GBP per year!!!

Well that's all for now as I will continue with other movies in the future that I think worthy to be shared with and for those who haven't watch these movies yet, go and watch it now because you'll not just get entertained but also a lesson or two....