Thursday, December 24, 2009

STORY OF THE DAY : The War That I Should Win...At All Cost..

When you are in a war, you can never quit.It's either you win it, or you die for it. But now I am in the middle of a war to quit.

To quit from the thing that has conquered my mind for years. The thing that my lungs have been craving for. The thing that bring me closer to death. The thing that burn my money whether I realize it or not...

To quit from the habit of telling people all around me nothing but lies. Eventhough I know it is better for them to not know the truth...

To quit from the dark sides of me that overshadowed the tiny territory of my good behaviour...

So no wonder people said the hardest things to do in your life is to tell the truth and to change yourself from bad to good.

Come 2010, even the small changes I made to myself can make it the best year ever in my life...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

STORY OF THE DAY: Sesi Merepek Tanpa Hala Tuju.

Sekarang aku rase idop cam terumbang ambing gak aa kadang2..Bukan ape, tidor tak menentu..Kalo aku rase aku nak tido, aku tido la sampai lebam..Kalo aku rase nak bangun awal, aku bangun la awal..Sabtu malam Ahad memang bukan malam untuk aku tido la kan..Aku pon tak tau sejak bila aku jadi taik bola ni..

Niat di hati nak buat overhaul la blog aku nih..Idea dah macam2 ade nih..Tapi laptop tak betol2 lagi..Dah kalo yang rosaknye bukan jenis calar ke, usb port tersumbat ke, ini gara2 aku gelojoh sangat la ari tu boleh jatuh terhempas, haram jadah kambing gurun..Aku yakin yang rosak hard disc die nih..Dulu takde laptop takde internet..Pastu ade laptop, takde internet..Skang ade internet, takde laptop..Tak le aku paham dengan kehidupan ni..

Minggu lepas abang aku organize bbq..Untuk ulangtahun perkahwinan mak bapak aku yang ke 34, untuk birthday anak die, dan lagi sekali untuk perut die sendiri sebab die ni gile bbq..Kalo die buat bbq, kambing memang wajib fardu ain lah mesti ade punye..Tapi aku respek gile sebab die skang dah hebat gile bab marinate ni..Sedap tahap anjing die punye rase..Bile aku mintak resipi, haram die taknak kasi tau..Die cakap kalo nak, carik sendiri..Die dah try 10 kali bbq, tengok program Licence To Grill, Jamie Oliver ape sume, baru die dapat mixture yang betol katenye...Hah memang tak la aku nak buat bbq banyak kali..Lagi satu care nak grill yang betol pon banyak die ajar aku..Hasil die ari tu, kambing dan ayam tu tak hangus, lembut, smoky, cukup rempas ratus die..Ok la aku dah boleh jd antu bbq plak la pas nih..hoho...

Oh ye skang ni aku tengah mengidam bende alah ni..

Friday, December 4, 2009

EXIT MUSIC FOR A FILM : Want To Be A True Rockstar? Learn From The Gallaghers.

Oh well, Oasis....what else I can say about them?? One of the greatest export from British?? The band that create havoc in Britpop scene in late 90s?? Multi-award winning band?? Ahh that's not entertaining enough so what about the Gallaghers, Noel and Liam?? The two controversial brothers that caused the rise and fall of Oasis. The men who despise everyone - other Britpop bands, popstars, rapstars, boybands, legends, England Prime Minister... you name it. Want to know how cocky they are?? Read these some of the quotes came from their own filthy mouth.

On the people that has nothing to do with them:

On Victoria Beckham: "She can't even chew gum and walk in a straight line, let alone write a book."
-Liam Gallagher

On gays: “I'm into the girls fancying me and stuff, mad for it. Get a bit worried if boys started fancying me, definitely. I've got nothing against gays . . . as long as they don't pinch me on the bum or whatever.” -Liam Gallagher

On Pop culture: "I don`t get the Britney (Britney Spears) thing. I certainly don`t get the NSYNC, the Robbie Williams or the Gorillaz thing. There`s a lot of things I don`t get."
-Noel Gallagher

On hip-hop: "I fucking despise hip hop. Loathe it. Eminem is a fucking idiot and I find 50 Cent the most distasteful character I have ever crossed in my life. It`s so negative. Eminem`s new song about his kid - isn`t it the most ridiculous piece of music you have ever heard in your life? I just don`t like the dragging women around on dog leads and all that stuff. I`m not fucking having that. I`m not saying they`re directly responsible but that`s how you end up with these fucking` gangs of youths with hoods stabbing people. I`m not saying they need to sit around listening to `All You Need is Love`. But kids are so fucking` thick these days that they are very easily influenced, aren`t they?" -Noel Gallagher

On Kylie Minogue: "Kylie Minogue is just a demonic little idiot as far as I`m concerned. She gets cool dance producers to work with her for some bizarre reason, I don`t know why. She doesn`t even have a good name. It`s a stupid name, Kylie, I just don`t get it." -Noel Gallagher

On their biggest rivals:

On Radiohead and Coldplay: "I've mellowed, but not in the sense of liking Radiohead or Coldplay. I don't hate them. I don't wish they had accidents. I think their fans are boring and ugly and they don't look like they're having a good time." -Liam Gallagher

On Damon & Alex of Blur: "I wish the pair of them would catch aids and die" -Noel Gallagher

On how Oasis compare to other British bands: "Those other bands are not even in a position to string my guitar at the moment" -Noel Gallagher

On politics:

"I'd like to know which rock-star doesn't take drugs! And we all know that even members of the parliament take cocaine and heroin" -Noel Gallagher

"I'm always a Labour. Politics is like football. Even if you hate the striker, you still support the team." -Liam Gallagher

On Oasis:

" Lennon was right. And we are bigger than Jesus. We will be as big as the Beatles, if not bigger." -Liam Gallagher

On each other:

On Liam: "It's a good thing we don't live in the u.s. where guns are more accessable,because I'd have blown his head off by now. The problem is I can't fire him because my ma would kill me." -Noel Gallagher

On Noel: "Everyone knows that if you've got a brother, you're going to fight" -Liam Gallagher

On Liam marriage: "He called me about 9:30 and said:' I have just got married. Are you surprised? I said: 'No, I'm not surprised about you getting married, I'm just shocked you're up so early!" -Noel Gallagher

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

STORY OF THE DAY: Hari Yang Penat...

Sape kate keje opis tak penat?? Penat weh kalo sibuk berpura-pura busy padahal kepala dah terhangguk-hangguk berkali-kali. Lenguh tengkok lagi. Ni la penyudah dia 6 consecutive hours of live football. Merseyside derby, pastu London derby dan last sekali the mother of all derby, El Classico. Dah la emosi tak menentu pasal kalah, banyak pulak kerja.

Pastu konon-konon balik kerja tadi nak terapi jiwa lah dengan mengemas bilik yang baru pindah barang, tapi baru pasang katil dah rase penat.Last-last ini la cite die...

Real kalah....................

Penat kerja..................

Ngantuk tapi malas nak tido.....

Moto buat hal tadi..............

Duit terbang lagi.........

Laptop rosak pulak.....

Jatuh masa pindah brg.

Hidup memang indah kan???

Oh tidak, bukan saye merungut.....

Cume saya terlalu hepi......hepi sangat...

Mungkin esok lebih baik ????